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Another transfer success

We’re pleased to be supporting an additional 31 people with disability in Victoria as part of the latest transfer of services from the Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH).

Image: Rachael (Possability) presenting her artwork to Christine (DFFH) and Will (DFFH).

Possability was honoured to have been selected to deliver Supported Independent Living services to the seven remaining houses operated by the Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH).

While we officially commenced providing services on Sunday 27 March, a significant amount of work including a family forum and staff forums and training, was undertaken in the lead up to ensure a safe and smooth transfer of service. We have been, and continue to be, in communication with both clients and their families.

Alyson McKenzie, Project Manager for the DFFH Transfer Houses thanks everyone involved with the transfer of services:

“We learnt a lot about the transfer process back in 2019 when we welcomed 312 Victorians and 653 employees as part of another transfer of services. The team has done another fantastic job in establishing new relationships, delivering training and education to transferring employees, and importantly, ensuring that our focus remains on supporting clients to focus on their aspirations and doing the things they enjoy.”

Naturally, change for some clients was daunting and no more than Paul. Paul and his younger brother left the family home four years ago to live independently for the first time. Moving into the DFFH serviced house had been a positive experience and he wasn’t keen on changing services.

Paul says he’s been relieved that nothing has changed for him with one exception. He moved into his own unit at the back of his current property and is really enjoying what it means to live independently. He now likes it even more. “Possability for me means help”.

As a thank you to the Department, transferring staff member Rachael Romer, a proud Yorta Yorta woman and artist created the painting below.

“The painting depicts the last seven State managed disability group homes as the large circles, with the previously transferred group homes represented by the smaller circles. This painting is divided into four sections which represent the four divisions of Disability Accommodation Services, North, South, East and West. The four divisions all meet in the middle circle, which represents a meeting place for all of the staff in the central and regional offices that support the group homes. The lines between the difference circles are to remind us that whilst we may work in different group homes or offices, we are connected and we are all a part of this community.”

The transfer sees Possability managing specialist services for an additional 31 people with disability living predominantly in Bendigo and East Melbourne. As part of the transfer arrangements, we welcomed another 79 highly committed disability support professionals to the strong Possability team.

Thanks to all involved and to the wonderful clients whose flexibility and willingness to change direction has made this possible.