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Good News Victoria!

After 112 days, metropolitan Melbournians joined regional Victorians on their road to recovery.

Our CEO, Drew Beswick, said, “we would like to pass on our resounding congratulations to each and every one of you, we know it’s not been easy to have your freedoms limited in so many ways and for such an extended period.”

At Possability we appreciate that so many have selflessly put things on hold, isolated from friends and, in many instances, family members. Now we’re seeing the results of your hard work.

This week there’s been much to celebrate, with some popping Champagne and others taking to retail therapy. Our Victorian friends—we want you to know that we’re sharing in your joy and celebrating with you from across the Tasman and north of the border in sunny Queensland.

Around Possability

While we’re all too aware that we must still be cautious and follow health guidelines, as we continue adapting to the new normal, we also need to celebrate the many wins.

We’ve been fortunate that no one we support has confirmed COVID-19 positive. While there’s an element of luck in the way this virus moves around, there’s also been a great deal of work from our employees coming together to implement effective COVIDSafe plans. We would like to share our gratitude and thank all who have provided essential services through uncertain and difficult times.

With thanks, and congrats!

Possability Engagement Team