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Keith and a Hive of Activity

Meet Keith. Keith is a scarecrow and his job is to protect the seedlings freshly potted in upcycled egg cartons.

Keith is made almost entirely of Graham’s old, much-loved clothes and is one of the many projects taken on by Graham and housemates Sandra, Gerard, Brigitte and Tanya.

House Supervisor Lindell said even though their day programs stopped in March, “self-isolation has been a very busy time for them.”

The group started by clearing out the back storeroom and transformed it into their own home office, a space they use between 9am and 3pm to break up their day and maintain some routine. Since then, they have had an influx of ideas.

“They have a hothouse out the back” Lindell explained. “Everyone got out there and cleaned it up. They planted seeds in old egg cartons and put them in the hothouse, they’re growing nicely in there.”

As well as getting out into the garden, the group have been just as productive in the house. Making music and singing, doing arts and crafts, keeping up their writing practice and Spring cleaning the house, including the cull of Winter clothes that led to the birth of Keith. “They have a cooking day every Tuesday and a movie afternoon every Friday,” Lindell said.

Staying in touch with family has of course been a priority, too. Graham, Sandra, Gerard, Brigitte and Tanya each have their own communication style that includes using visual contact and communication aides, supported by staff they have been Skyping their loved ones regularly.

Images clockwise: Keith the scarecrow; Gerard showing one of his plants; from front to back in the hothouse Gerard, Sandra, Graham and Brigitte; Tanya and Graham working on activities.