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Coronavirus: March CEO Message

In this ever changing environment, I’d like to update you on our service operations and response measures to the coronavirus outbreak.

We understand that this is a time of great community concern and would like to reassure you that we are undertaking all actions as recommended by the federal and state health departments to keep our clients and employees safe.

Fortunately, we do not have any confirmed cases of COVID-19 among our clients or employees, but we are not being complacent.

Our support professionals are trained in hygiene and infection control practices and are actively enforcing these practices to keep people safe. In line with Possability’s COVID-19 Response Plan, we have plans in place to ensure we have sufficient PPE in case there is an outbreak at a location where we provide services.

Some of the people we support in independent living (SIL) are being affected by closures of day services offered by other service providers. We are working closely with those providers and our own staff to ensure there is continuity of supports. This might include other service providers offering day services in houses that we support or additional rostering for our employees.

In Tasmania, we are reviewing some of our services to ensure our efforts and staffing resources are focused on those services that are essential to the people we support. This is resulting in some changes and we are communicating directly with those affected.

We are looking at ways to implement social distancing recommendations from the health department while also taking into account the wishes of the people we support.

Drew Beswick,

Possability CEO