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Changing lives for the better

Witnessing the huge positive life changes in the children she supports, is one of the most rewarding aspects of her job, says Sally.

Sally has worked within the disability sector for the past 20 years in both direct support and management roles, covering everything from policy to program writing. After moving to Tasmania from Sydney in 2016, Sally was ready for a change and came on board at Possability as a support worker.


“I chose to be a support worker as I enjoy working directly with people and had missed that over the past few years while in management.  This was a new direction for me plus a welcomed challenge both professionally and personally.”


With a history of supporting adults with a disability, Sally now works with children in Child and Youth Services.


“I saw it as a way to fully utilise all of the past training and experiences that I have gathered over the past 20 years in the sector, plus the 30 years of being a mother.”


When asked about a normal day at work, Sally says there is a lot involved.


“Lots of listening and supporting, helping the child to make healthy choices for the body and mind through positive discussions and role modelling.”


Sally has been impressed with the support she has received in her role.


“The support from my Team Leader is so incredibly professional, caring and thoughtful. The flexibility offered to staff is an added bonus, as I am able to work the hours that fit in with my home life.”


When asked about the most rewarding part of her job, Sally found the answer easy.


“Watching a child gradually relax, feel safe and trust again is so incredibly meaningful to me. Although there are inevitably challenging times, the reward comes when seeing how the team and I work, we all pull together to provide the best support possible for the child.”


“We as a team, regularly witness a life changing progression both emotionally and academically within the children we support.”

Already a qualified counsellor, Sally says the additional training she has received since joining the organisation gave her the tools she needed for this new role. She has relished the additional training she has received in areas such as positive behaviour support, trauma informed practices, medication and diabetes management.


“I was so inspired by training with OAK Possability’s Psychologist, I went home and prepared an educational program!”