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Two decades on and still learning

“Every day is different. I learn so much from the clients and the staff supporting them,” says Jo.

Jo joined Possability in 2015 as a Team Leader in Disability Services, with close to 20 year’s experience in the sector.

“I went into my work as a support worker wanting to make a difference to people, to help people and that hasn’t changed in all that time.”

Jo has experienced firsthand how good support can make a difference to not only the individual, but to their entire family.

“Several years ago my brother was in an accident and ended up with an acquired brain injury. I have seen firsthand the massive impact this has had on him and our entire family.

“It has highlighted for me the importance of the work we do, that supporting people well can make a huge difference to someone’s life and the life of those around them.”

Although Jo loved working in disability services, she was ready for a new challenge and in early 2017 took up a role as Team Leader position in Child and Youth Services, later being promoted to Advanced Team Leader.

“Possability is growing and the chance for movement in the organisation is fantastic,” Jo said.

She also really values her colleagues, especially on those challenging days.

“The group of staff I work with is fantastic. I get a lot of support from the team and can always go to someone to debrief, have a laugh and clear my head to move on with the next issue.”As a qualified social worker, continual education and development professionally and personally is important to Jo.

“Training is a big thing for me. Possability have supported me to complete courses on Autism and behaviours of concern and I have completed training in positive behaviour and trauma informed practice.”

Jo says she is still continuing to learn from her job every day.

“Every day is different. I learn so much from the clients and the staff supporting them.”