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Specialist Services

At Possability we have specialist teams to help clients with complex and exceptional needs that exceed the scope of other disability programs, this covers both Dual Diagnosis and Intensive Support Services.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis:

Our consultant psychiatrist clinics focus on the specialised care and support of people diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder and intellectual disability.

Highly successful clinics:

These clinics have proven highly successful for many clients, since quality of life improves when mental health issues are managed well.

Holistic approach:

In conjunction with medication therapy, our specialists use a holistic approach to ensure that people receiving support are engaged in Positive Behaviour Support practices that complement their treatment.

Where is it available?

Clinics are held one day every four weeks, alternating between Hobart and Launceston.

Intensive Support

Intensive Support Services:

Possability has specialist teams dedicated to working with clients with complex and exceptional needs that exceed the scope of other disability programs.


Extensive experience:

We have experience in successfully supporting individuals with severe behavioural challenges to learn and engage with others in a safe environment. We work closely with clients and their family to provide supports that meet the individual’s specific needs, using a Positive Behaviour Support framework.

Functional Assessment:

As well as providing direct support, Possability can provide a comprehensive functional assessment and develop a highly specialised Support Plan for your family member that is implemented by the Intensive Support Team.

Where is it available?

Services can be delivered in a client’s own home or a community setting.



How do I get an appointment with the consultant psychiatrist?

A letter of referral from the patient’s General Practitioner is required. Private consultation fees are payable. A Medicare rebate will apply.

How do I access the Intensive Support Service?

NDIS participants with this service in their Participant Plan can contact Possability to discuss options. People not yet eligible for the NDIS need to contact the Gateway Service on 1800 171 233. Possability also offers services to clients funded by other means or who are self-funded.

Can I visit my family member at ISS?

Due to the nature of the support, all visitation requests should be made to the Specialist Support Services Manager to ensure that the environment is appropriate for visitors.

Is the environment restrictive?

The Intensive Support Service operates under the Disability Services Act 2011, which requires the use of the least restrictive and intrusive practice possible. This model is based on positive behavioural support, which aims to reduce any restrictive practice throughout the duration of the program.

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