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Living life to the full

After 20 years with Possability, there are now few things that can stop Margaret from reaching her goals.


Marg has developed skills in self-advocacy, decision making, cooking, cleaning, personal care and budgeting allowing her to achieve many of her personal goals, take holidays and sustain her love of shopping.

Possability has a wide range of services which Marg accesses depending on what she feels she needs and wants. At times Marg has periods of acute depression, but she prides herself on her fun loving nature and on being a woman who is clear about what she wants and needs.

“Sometimes I get down, but by working with staff I get through it and I get back on with my life,” Marg says.

For clients who are living with both mental illness and disability, Possability employs support practitioners and liaises with their treating psychiatrist under our dual diagnosis support programs. This is successful for many clients, since quality of life is improved when mental health issues are managed appropriately and individuals are able to interact and develop relationships.

Personal planning is another way in which Possability works with clients on their path to independence. With a passion for art, Margaret worked with staff to achieve her goals of exhibiting and selling her pieces. She has sold a number of paintings to local businesses including Possability.

Having caught the travel bug some years ago, many of Marg’s goals revolve around seeing Australia and traveling.

“I’ve been on holiday on a cruise ship where a Possability support worker of my choice came with me from Sydney to Brisbane and down to Hobart,” Marg says.

Marg has also travelled to the Indonesian Island of Bali with two Possability support staff, and embraced the culture and food of Bali.

“We travelled into mountains to the see the rice fields and where they make traditional art called Batik,” Marg says.

“One of my favourite things was swimming at the resort and relaxing by the pool with a cocktail and a massage.”

Marg is currently working with the Possability team to provide support to her on her next holiday, a cruise to the Sunshine Coast and adventures to Australia Zoo and Underwater World.

As Marg is getting older she is experiencing health issues that reduce her mobility. Marg is working with Possibility to maintain her mobility by completing an exercise program prescribed by a physiotherapist.