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DIY Disco

Social restrictions have played a vital role in keeping us safe, but staying safe at home is no holiday. For Em and Deb, who live on the same spacious property, a party turned out to be the best medicine.

Em shared that she was finding it difficult to adjust to the changes in routine. “It was the first or second week and we weren’t getting used to it really well.” That’s when support professional Alice had a lightbulb moment.

Em recounts, “Deb gave me an invitation to a party, a disco at our house. It was nice to get an invitation; I never had one before.” With support from staff, Em and Deb set up the venue. They readied the bright disco lights, got dressed in their finest and then turned the playlist up.

Em said, “I loved dancing around, really being myself again. Social connection was really important.”

On her favourite music from the night, Em said anything hip-hop.

Their DIY disco was a memorable evening and an important remedy for the sudden lifestyle changes. “We really needed the human contact, without getting close enough to get sick,” Em said. “I thought it would help because music makes you feel better. Being outside makes you feel better. It makes you feel good to be around other people.”

Images clockwise: Em and Deb get into the spirit of the party; Alice, Em and Deb dance to the Macarena.