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  • Make your goals possible

    Possability supports people to develop independence and confidence; live the life they choose and achieve their goals.


  • Accommodation vacancies

    Looking to take the next step to independence? Check out our share house vacancies.

  • 2018 Annual Report

    Look back on the 2017-2018 year.

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  • Accommodation

    We offer a range of accommodation options designed to meet your individual needs.

  • Respite

    Our centre-based Respite offers short-term accommodation away from home with fun activities and quality support.

  • Community, Social & Life Skills

    Learn new skills, gain independence and get involved in your local community.

  • Specialist Services

    Specialist teams dedicated to working with clients with complex and exceptional needs that exceed the scope of other disability programs.

  • Support Coordination

    Possability has the networks and expertise to help you get the support that is the right fit for you or your family member.

  • Child and Youth Services

    Possability provides a nurturing and secure environment, with specialist support to meet individual needs.

  • Your Stories

    We celebrate the many and diverse achievements of the people we support. Here are just some of their stories.

  • NDIS

    Find out about the NDIS and how it supports you here.

Rewarding Careers

Interested in a new career with Possability? Find out what we’re like to work for and the rewarding jobs available.

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